Sporter Joomla Template

Sporter Joomla template


Sporter Joomla template is a premium Joomla 2.5 template which helps to build your own sports magazine website.

The sweetness of sports, from every single moment till the end, are unique. Everyone likes to be delighted by simply wonderful and spectacular moves, the key game moments in addition to players, the decision’s made through the game.

From wording, photos, videos to be able to computer graphics, Sporter Joomla template provides you all necessary resources and environment to generate the most ambitious top sport media covering, by following the most beneficial live shots and news worldwide, up to when. Was there a fair winner right at the end? Who was greatest? Let’s find out this and much more through Sporter Joomla template, your new top premium Joomla! sport theme website At the end, the game precipitates to one factor: man against person.

Key Features

Gavern Framework
All our templates are built on the Gavern – one of the best, intuitive and customizable framework for Joomla Templates.

Custom Typography
Add style and pizzazz with our built-in typography features: code listings, quotes, text blocks with icons, tooltips, and more.

Support for mobile devices
Be up-to-date; amaze your visitors by using templates with support for mobile devices like iPhone, Android mobiles and other!

Custom Fonts
All our templates come with integrated support for both Google and Squirrel fonts through the options panel.

Social API
Let users log in using their Facebook account, and easily add social media buttons to your site (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…).

Supports EU “Cookie Law”
For those needing it, our templates ensure your website conforms to the new EU privacy-related “Cookie Law”.

You’re excited about HTML5, and so are we! All of our Joomla templates are now completely HTML5 based.

Extensive use of CSS3 provides effective stylization and effects; enhance your Web presence without sacrificing its semantic structure or performance!

Cross-Browser Support
All our Joomla Templates are fully compatible with all modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.