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Case Study

HubSpot Theme Case Study

Learn how our HubSpot theme helped launch a business website in Just 15 days!


Cloudficient wanted to re-design their website on HubSpot CMS

Cloudficient migrated to HubSpot CMS from previous WordPress + Elementor based solution. They needed a premium HubSpot theme which comes with modules and templates as per their requirements, and was easy to use for non-developer/designer.

Their search ended up with our DARK Business HubSpot theme which matched their requirements and allowed them to create webpages on HubSpot CMS all by themselves and publish the complete website within just 15 days!

Cloudficient Requirement

We needed a new template for our website. We downloaded the free version and were so impressed that we upgraded to the paid version. The ongoing support we have recieved has been excellent.

What did they like the best?

All the different modules that are included, the customisation we can do with the theme and the support.

What did they dislike?

No downsides I have come across yet after a few months of using the product.

Easy to UseHubSpot Theme

Easy to Use HubSpot ThemeThe theme was really easy to use thanks to the templates and modules that were included.


The HubSpot CMS and theme support we received were also more than we could have expected.


FTheme’s team were always available for quick calls to deliver additional requirements.

Website Deliveredon Time

They ensured that our re-designed website on brand new HubSpot CMS went live as per our schedule.

Cost SavingSolution

Our decision to choose FThemes helped us save a lot on the web development and designing cost.


Pre-built templates helped us to quickly create important pages, do a few required changes and publish it.

Group 664

“I installed the free theme as a test. We were all so impressed that we upgraded to DARK Business Paid Theme for our new website. I found the theme really easy to use thanks to the templates and modules that were included. The support I received was also more than I could have expected. An easy 10/10”

Watch and Learn How FThemes have helped
Businesses of All Size

Rob Wilcox

Director of Marketing at Cloudficient
(United Kingdom)

Mick Hunt

CEO of Premier Strategy Box
(United States)


Harald Bettin

Founder of Online Travel Masters
(New Zealand)


Our HubSpot Expertise

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HubSpot CMS for Developers

hubspot cms for developers

HubSpot CMS for Developers

hubspot cms for developers

HubSpot CMS for Developers

hubspot cms for developers

HubSpot CMS for Developers


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