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HubSpot Theme

K2 Multipurpose HubSpot Theme

100% customisable as per your specific needs

45+ Ready to use Templates for quick page creation

Free 2 hours of customisation & HubSpot website setup


Some of Our 2,000+ Raving Clients

wayne state university

We Know HubSpot Well

We started as a Team WordPress but recent updates in HubSpot CMS are fasinating,
making it our top recommendation for businesses.

hubspot cms for developers

HubSpot CMS for Developers

hubspot cms for marketers

HubSpot CMS for Marketers

hubspot content marketing

HubSpot Content Marketing

hubspot contextual marketing

HubSpot Contextual Marketing


HubSpot Growth Driven Agency


CMS Hub Implementation


HubSpot SEO Certification


HubSpot Social Media Marketing

Our HubSpot Theme Reviews

Our HubSpot themes have been getting average five star reviews all over.
Read them all by yourself.

Jessica Flor
"Dark theme is a great modern theme with most of the essential building blocks needed for a landing page. The developers are also extremely responsive and helpful with questions and troubleshooting."
Tyler Donahue
"Many HubSpot themes are difficult to customize and manipulate. The dark theme and the team behind it make it very simple to make custom changes to fit your needs. They understand the HubSpot CMS very well."
Joelyn Brickner
“Theme offered a foundation to start with as well as customize quite a bit. When I became more versed with using HubSpot’s Landing Page modules and more adept at building and designing the page, DFT was easily adoptable. In the future, I would like to see more module designs added to it.”

K2 HubSpot MultiPurpose Theme Features

Our theme packs everything you’ll need to
quickly launch your webpage for event/conference.


There is no way a website can perform better at search engines if it is not mobile friendly. Our HubSpot Multipurpose theme pages are designed with mobile first approach scoring A+ grade in mobile friendly test.


It’s 2021 and your webpages should open fast. K2’s Minimal design approach helps achieving fast HubSpot webpages without compromising on the modern web-design standards.

45+ Pre-madePages

With 40+ modules, K2 comes with 45+ Pre-made pages (templates) to instantly create any webpage you need. You can also create a custom webpage using the drag-n-drop builder with available modules.

Watch and Learn How FThemes have helped
Businesses of All Size

Rob Wilcox

Director of Marketing at Cloudficient
(United Kingdom)

Mick Hunt

CEO of Premier Strategy Box
(United States)


Harald Bettin

Founder of Online Travel Masters
(New Zealand)


K2 Multipurpose HubSpot Theme Screenshots

We started as a Team WordPress but recent updates in HubSpot CMS are fasinating,
making it our top recommendation for businesses.


K2 Multipurpose Theme Home


K2 Multipurpose Feature Set


K2 Multipurpose Features


K2 Multipurpose Plans Pricing


K2 Theme Features

You’re getting premium looking HubSpot Theme for any Business website. K2 theme includes:

  • 30+ Pre-made templates30+ Pre-made templates
  • 40+ Pre-made modules

    40+ Pre-made modules

  • 100% Customisable100% Customisable
  • Drag-n-Drop ready

    Drag-n-Drop ready

HubSpot K2 Theme FAQ

How to install K2 multipurpose HubSpot theme?

You need to login to your HubSpot account and head over to Asset Marketplace. Over here search for K2 theme or you can click on this link to directly open the associated page. Pay for the theme and our multipurpose HubSpot theme will be installed automatically in your account.

Can I create my own design using K2 HubSpot multipurpose theme?

Yes, you can design your own webpages using K2 HubSpot multipurpose theme. Our modules are flexible and can be customised easily. Simply drag and drop them on a fresh page and change their graphics, content and color schemes to get a customised look.

Is there a free trial for K2 HubSpot multipurpose theme?

Yes, you can install free version of K2 theme from the official HubSpot theme marketplace itself. It has limited modules just enough to give you an idea about the theme before you can upgrade to paid version.

How many templates and modules are included in this multipurpose HubSpot theme?

There is 40+ readymade templates and 45+ modules included in K2 multipurpose HubSpot theme.

Why should I buy HubSpot theme from FThemes?

At FThemes, we have been developing WordPress themes for years and launched HubSpot themes the moment its platform was launched, i.e., in 2020. We regularly update our themes to include new features and to fix bugs. There is premium support included with all our themes which ensures you launch your website easily with our themes. Still not convinced? Have a word with us.

Do you provide after purchase HubSpot theme support?

Yes, we provide premium support with our paid HubSpot themes. If you need consultation before making the purchase, feel free to get in touch with us.

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