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InRoom Theme Documentation

Create CTA

A call-to-action or CTA works as a prompt in your website and performs a specific task. Creating one in the HubSpot theme is easy and a great addition to your website. 

However, the CTA feature is not available in the CMS Hub Starter plan.


In the navigation bar of your Hubspot account, select Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs


Click on the Create CTA button available on the top right hand side of the page.

A design section will appear in the slide-in pane.

You will find two types of CTA button to choose from: Custom Button and  Image Button.

Click on whichever style seems applicable for your webpage and use the edit options below to customize the button.

For the Custom Button, you can edit the textual content within the button as well as its font properties such as size and alignment, button style, etc. In the Advanced options, you will find options for button padding along with provisions to apply custom css.

If you choose Image Button, you will be given the option to browse and upload the image you need for your button along with its dimensions and alt text.

Once you have customized the button you require, click on the Next button at the bottom left to proceed.


The next step of the process provides you with the options to change the CTA internal name, add the url for linking of the button, etc.

Click on Save to complete the process.


Once the CTA has been created, you will just need to select it in the content editor.

Drag and drop the call-to-action module from the left panel to the right panel where the contents are placed.


On the left panel, you will find the Call-to-action section needed to make the edits. Click on the Select button and you will be given the list of all the CTA that has been created. 

You can choose the one you want to insert in your page and click on the Insert button.

Once done with the changes, you need to Update the web page you have been working on.