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15 Handpicked Best Free Shopify Themes in 2022

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Your search for handpicked free Shopify themes will end here, I promise!

With more and more online stores springing up every day, hundreds of thousands of businesses use Shopify as their backend eCommerce platform. It can be a hideous task to manage an eCommerce platform independently, especially when your store begins to take off, and the activity starts to increase.

All that leads to more maintenance required, and more investment needed to help maintain the healthy status of the store. That’s where eCommerce platforms such as Shopify entered. It is an all-in-one solution for managing an online store for corporate, brand, individual, and freelance needs. Everyone can use free Shopify themes for building a website.

This guide has rounded up some of the best free Shopify themes for different eCommerce niches. But before proceeding over them, let's go over some basics.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular all-in-one commerce platforms from which online stores can easily run. This platform helps you to design and launch a website that customers can visit. It allows you to add all your products. Also, you can manage inventory and accept payments from the customers.

All you have to do is register yourself on Shopify, pay the monthly fee and choose the free Shopify themes. You can get paid themes if you want, but the Shopify free theme category has its outliers as well.  You can adjust designs and content with the themes while adding your products.

Best Free Shopify Themes - Handpicked for You

Themes play an important role to cut down on the design time. Here’s a look at the top free Shopify themes on the market. Let’s start.

1. Debut

Debut Free Shopify Theme

If you are just starting with your business then Debut is one of the best free Shopify themes that will present it on the web in the best possible light.

Your brand and your products will become visible beautifully with this theme. It allows you to choose between two different styles out of the box. Moreover, you can also do slight changes in the styles according to your taste. And yes, of course, you do not need to code and perform any high-level tasks when working with Debut. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this tool is for everyone.

Talking about its features, Debut rocks in the slideshow and live search function to testimonials, promotional banner, and product filtering, and many more. Through this tool, you can enhance your website with a video, tell your story, or promote a new product drop.

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2. Brooklyn

Best Free Shopify Themes-Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a tailor-made free Shopify theme that works for modern apparel shops and brands. With its excellent feature, this theme has a strong focus on branding.

It has mainly two different styles: classic and playful. Classic plays the best role when you're looking out for a minimalistic look and if you're seeking something vibrant and energetic then it's better to pick playful.

Besides, you can manage your online store on all devices, tablets, smartphones, and desktops with Brooklyn. Your content will also appear beautifully on retina screens.

It includes some other features also like a slide-out cart, header slideshow, home page video, and dynamic product grid. So without more thinking, make your website with the fantastic and impressive Brooklyn and rule on the internet like a king.

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3. Simple

Best Free Shopify Themes-Simple

Simple which is commonly known as Beauty is a free Shopify theme for eCommerce platforms. As the name suggests, it aimed slightly at those online stores that want to sell and promote beauty-related products. Needless to say, nobody says that the theme is great only for these kinds of websites, but if you plan to use it to promote make-up, cologne, or other similar items then yes the designs work well. 

It comes with a mobile responsive design approach, so you can expect great navigation even on a mobile device. The appealing mobile design and precision of the detail will make you quite impressed. Installing social media icons for this theme should be extremely easy and there are some particular widgets like a fancy box that you can disable or enable according to your need. 

All Shopify themes come with documentation that allows you to understand more how each of the theme's functions, and how to make changes to them without breaking the overall design.

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4. Narrative

Best Free Shopify Themes-Narrative

Designing a beautiful online website is the same as telling a story. This free Shopify theme Narrative beautifully tells your website's story. The creativity, simplicity, and uniqueness of this theme will catch everyone's attention easily. And when you complete the design with your impressive story and outstanding products, you unlock yourself with a winning combination. 

You've three different looks to choose from: warm, light, and cold. Each one is appealing and inspiring, assuring a great outcome that will turn heads. The Narrative theme itself proofs best for a store with a single or a small number of products.

Talking about its features that include hero video, wide layout, fixed navigation, and vertical slideshow. It also comes with features like news, sections, and a handy menu overlay.

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5. Supply

Best Free Shopify Themes-Supply

Shopify provides themes to all store quantities, including those with a larger number of products. So here Shopify's theme Supply is appropriate for this type of template. This theme allows you to sell or promote a large number of products on a template that is created with digital or electronics stores in mind. 

Its outstanding design allows the customer to jump from one category to another flawlessly with things like similar products, top-selling products, and other product categories exposed to the visitor constantly.

For demo styles, it becomes clear that Supply can be converted into a store theme for luxury items and that's the advantage of these amazing and free Shopify themes.  Customers are happy while using the feature of navigation of Supply theme as it makes it easy to search the products and finally make their purchases. It has fully responsive on mobile, desktop, and tablets. 

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6. Boundless

Best Free Shopify Themes-Boundless

The Boundless theme is for those store owners who want to promote or sell their fashion-related items. This free Shopify theme gives attention to each item individually. This template is very modern, but also simple which looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. 

The first thing that customers catch their eyes is the huge slideshow on the homepage of the website leads the users to check out the product more. The most important feature of the Boundless theme is the photos collection that ties up all of the design, allowing you to display only the product photos that then lead to the product pages.

Some of the customers have shown their dissatisfaction because the website does not look great as you install this template. Just keep in mind that demo previews use full content that compliments each of the features perfectly. So to accomplish that, you have to make sure you have sufficient products on your online store to display them with their full potential. 

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7. Minimal

Best Free Shopify Themes-Minimal

Looking out for a simple and clean template for your eCommerce platform then go with the Minimal Shopify Theme. With several different styles that include one for vintage shops, fashion, and music. If you're thinking about starting a merchandise store for your brand or solo act then its music style stands out.

The beautiful slideshow of this theme is considered the primary feature that supports large images of your best products. This slideshow displays on the homepage of your website that gives customers a solid introduction to the products. You can also see some great product filtering on the product pages that will help users to see a certain category or maybe only look at your best sellers. 

One more feature of this theme is the zoom tool which is useful when you're selling detailed products like clothing as customers want to check the types of fabric and designs, and the zooms tool helps in that. 

Telling a story or introducing a new product is done by the homepage video which with either YouTube or Vimeo. One more feature involves a related products module. Whenever a customer wants to purchase any item, they will see a list of upsells towards the bottom of the page. This not only helps with your sales but also leads the users through the purchasing process. 

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8. Fashe

Fashe Shopify Free Theme

A free Shopify theme that set the bar very high for most of the themes. It is completely free to use.

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9. Snowdevil

Snowdevil Free Shopify Theme

The demo site implies that this Snowdevil template has found use amongst stores that sell winter sports-related equipment: snowboarding, skiing, and other interesting winter sports stores will benefit from using the Venture template. There’s a huge slideshow directly on the front page of the website, multi-columned menu navigations, promotional widgets, and a lot of options to adjust typography and colors.

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10. Annabelle

Annabelle Shopify Free Theme

Annabelle is a free yet powerful Shopify theme. This template involves high-quality images and you can transform this basic theme into an online store that feels expensive while keeping your costs very minimal.

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11. Voonex

Voonex Free Shopify Theme

For any type of eCommerce platform, Voonex is the best and perfectly designed. It offers some great features like event information, speaker profiles, sponsors, schedules, and venue. All these features are very well-structured and are easy to operate around the site.

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12. Thalia

Thalia Shopify Free Theme

Thalia is a free Shopify theme with a full set of features to create a stylish eCommerce site. The minimalistic design and perfectly fitted for an apparel or fashion shop. You can customize the design according to your choice that fits your store.

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13. Debutify

Best Free Shopify Themes-Debutify

Debutify is a great option for your eCommerce platform. It doesn't require any coding and also has a fast page loading speed. Debutify offers some goodies like a customizable footer or product testimonials, advanced product filters, and a featured image slider.

You can try it for free before jumping up to their paid version.

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14. Venture

Best Free Shopify Themes-Venture

This free Shopify theme has a clear outdoorsy vibe so it is perfect if your products target the sports and adventure categories. If you run frequent promotions, sales, and discounts on your products then this theme is best for your online store. Whichever products you keep on sale, you can highlight them through a promotional banner. 

Just make sure that your store is loaded with a lot of products as it may not be the best option for a few products. 

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15. Express

Best Free Shopify Themes-Express

Express is an excellent theme for one-page stores where you can display all your products on a single page. With fully responsive and mobile-ready features, this tool is also optimized for high-end performance that leads to delivering a superior experience to shoppers. It offers two styles: Bistro and Pantry.

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Wrapping up

It's not easy to start a new eCommerce platform, but hopefully, we helped you out a bit today. All the above Shopify free themes are the best option to launch your website. The most important thing is to simply do your research and continue improving your online platform as best you can. There’s plenty of great resources out there on the internet and with a little bit of elbow grease, almost anything is possible.

In case you need help with setting Shopify store or develop custom pages/templates or need help with troubleshooting Shopify issues, feel free to reach to us.

Talk soon ! 

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