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5 Best Shopify Alternatives to Consider in 2022

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Best Shopify alternatives in every manner.

Shopify is now considered the best platform for the eCommerce market. With the amazing features like free store opening and handling for 15 days trial, unlimited space for products, customer handling service, billing service, and others, Shopify has made a good impact on customers who are willing to get their business rather than their store online and get opened to this digital world. With these great features, Shopify expanded its business worldwide in more than 170 countries and happy international customers.

But when it comes to something good, there is also bad in that thing. While providing these incredible features, Shopify also has some drawbacks in their existing system and because of this they are losing a few customers frequently.

If you are one of those clients who already have a store on Shopify and are willing to transfer it to some other platform with new features or a new business owner to this trend and willing to get your business online, then you are at the right place.

In this article, I am going to share some of the best Shopify alternatives which can serve you better. But before this, let's have a look at some issues you may have faced while using the Shopify platform.

Problems faced while working on Shopify

Following are some of the common problems due to which Shopify users start looking for alternatives.

  • Additional transaction charges

You have to pay some additional fees for every online transaction your buyer does. It can be as high as up to 2% of the total payment amount. Initially this might not sound that huge but as your business grows, 2% fee can eat up a lot of your profit margin.

  • Platform cost

Not everyone will find Shopify affordable and due to this reason they will start looking for more affordable alternate.

If your problem is listed here, then you must check the following list of alternatives that can save you and your business.

Best alternatives to Shopify you can try

Following are the best alternatives to Shopify that you must try if you want to switch your store from Shopify or if you are looking to take your business online.

#1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the topmost preferred alternative to Shopify. After following a few tutorials offered by  the official WooCommerce team, you can set up your store own your own. It's free to use, open-source, and highly rated by its customers.

The store will be responsive and the best part about this platform is you don't need to pay a monthly premium for any feature. You just have to pay for the hosting charges which can be purchased at a variety of cost.

Best about WooCommerce:

  • No Transaction fee 
  • Smooth integration for WordPress themes
  • Easy to set up
  • Sell unlimited products in your store
  • Free + Premium plugins are available

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#2. BigCommerce

BigCommerceAnother big competitor to Shopify is the BigCommerce. With smooth user interface, a drag and drop editor for customization, easy set up and other features, BigCommerce is best alternative to Shopify. This platform offers a wide collection of themes for your store, out of which seven themes are free to use.

The best thing about BigCommerce is the wide list of built-in functions. BigCommerce allows you to manage your store on big eCommerce companies like Flipkart, and Amazon with its multichannel selling functionality.

Best about BigCommerce:

  • No transaction fees and support up to 50+ secure payment gateway
  • Multichannel selling support
  • Multiple built-in functions
  • Several free apps and features

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#3. Magento

Magento-MagestorePrice is the main reason behind Magento’s popularity on this list. With the same pricing strategy as WooCommerce, Magento made itself a competitor to Shopify. Founded in 2007 and acquired by Adobe in 2018, Magento offers a open-source e-commerce platform to its customers.

Best about Magento:

  • Access to backend
  • Support of large network of, 250000+ IT people
  • No monthly service charges
  • Responsive design
  • Available upgrade to a platform developed and managed by Adobe

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#4. Wix

WixWix also has tools to run and manage eCommerce store, allowing you to quickly launch an online store. Wix’s extremely simple drag-and-drop website builder is its best feature.

Wix also provides an automated assistant to set up your website with some suggestions along with 100+ website templates to use. 

Best about Wix:

  • Easy to use drag and drop website builder
  • Well organized help centre
  • Free domain for one year for premium users
  • Hundreds of free stunning themes

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#5. Shift4Shop

Shift4shopIf you are looking for the best SEO practice and want to generate more traffic via organic SEO only, then Shift4Shop is the best place for your business. 

With some basic charges, Shift4Shop provides the functionality of social media sync, drop-shipping, coupons, and many other functionalities. You can get stunning UI, UX, and SSL Certification for your store.

Best about Shift4Shop:

  • Unlimited product upload
  • No additional transaction fee
  • Fastest website loading time
  • 50+ payment gateway support

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Shopify is one of the best when it comes to getting your business online, but not perfect. There are some drawbacks to this platform. Still, most business owners give first preference to Shopify due to its popularity and huge community backed support. So, it's up to you, which platform you prefer to launch and manage your business store. 

Here I have listed some alternatives to Shopify which are strong competitors to it. Not every platform is perfect, but they try to make it more reliable for their customers, so they don't lose them.

Which Shopify alternative appealed to you the most? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can also reach out to us in case of any troubleshooting issues you may face or for free consultation on launching the ecommerce store.

Talk soon 🖖

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