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All About HubSpot CMS Hub Free Plan

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HubSpot is eyeing on capturing the startup-ecosystem with its HubSpot CMS Hub Free plan. The free version of the CMS & website builder focuses on the startups that want to use HubSpot professional tools to develop their website and grow their business.

What do you get with HubSpot CMS Hub Free?

Many values and features of the HubSpot CMS paid plans are made available for free. These features are ideal for any startup or business to grow, thus making HubSpot a perfect CMS for startups and businesses. Let’s check some of the features:

  • Free plan offers 1 Blog and up to 100 blog posts. Users can add up to 20 authors and 50 tags as well.
  • Create up to 25 website pages with the HubSpot CMS Hub Free plan. Please note, it does not include dynamic content as compared to paid plans.
  • Get one subdomain plus one CCTLD on one root domain. This feature is similar in the starter plan.
  • User can access the compatible apps and themes from the marketplace. This feature is free with the starter plan as well but for free modules and templates one has to upgrade to the professional and enterprise version.
  • Users can develop highly optimized content with the basic SEO recommendations and Optimizations.

These were some of the features that come with the HubSpot CMS Hub Free. Below are some more features that will make the startups jump on to HubSpot immediately.

  • Premium hosting with a fast and reliable platform.
  • Design your website from the scratch using drag and drop editor, design manager, CDN, advanced menu, etc. You may check the HubSpot official website for complete list of features.

How can I migrate my website to HubSpot?

Website Migration is a complex job and some business owners find it difficult to redesign and migrate the websites. Thousands of HubSpot partners and providers are making the job easier with the replatforming team, prebuilt themes and 24/7 assistance. 

Get in touch with our team of HubSpot experts for more information and or any services related to HubSpot website migration.

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