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15 Best Landing Page Builder and Optimisation Tools in 2022

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For any online business, landing pages are the perfect potential gold mines for where you want to lure visitors with amazing offers and CTA's to convert.

Whether designed for paid advertising campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or capturing leads for email marketing campaigns, the conversion rate is usually higher on landing pages than on any other blog post or generic page. Even a bit of change in the landing page can add to a major hike in your conversion rate and profit over time. 

Marketers often struggle to understand landing page performance and how to optimize them properly. Therefore, you have to use landing page optimization tools for driving conversions, taking advantage of customer behaviours, and getting the best possible profit on your investment.

There are several landing page builders and optimisation tools available that can help in making your landing pages perfect. But not all are perfect so I'm handpicking the top 15 landing page builders for you.

What is Landing Page Optimization, and Why Does it Matter?

The landing page optimization aims to increase the performance of the landing page. You can use the data about your visitors and their behaviour to understand the current performance of your landing page, and also the steps you are required to complete to boost its performance. The components which need improvements are messaging, navigation, visuals, layout, and overall design. 

Conversion rates can be improved if your landing page is optimized properly. Visitors will be more willing to complete the call to action if the landing page offers a pleasant user experience. And ultimately this will lead to rising in sales and to help you to improve the return on investment of your pay-per-click campaign. 

Top 15 Landing Page Builders and Optimisation Tools

Let's start with them one by one.

1. HubSpot Landing Pages tool

HubspotHubspot, having been recognised as one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in the present market, has also distinctive features to help users create and optimize their landing page campaigns. 

Hubspot offers you a free landing page builder which provides no-code, easy setup of your landing page. You can choose from the in-built templates or modules to create and customize your own landing page as per your requirements.

It is one of the most extensive marketing tool present today which offers various features including Blogging, Automation, Analytics, Lead management, Email marketing, etc.

You can connect us for custom HubSpot development to get your custom landing pages and also for custom HubSpot email template development.

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2. Unbounce

Unbounce-The-Landing-Page-Builder-PlatformUnbounce is the best and preferable landing page used by most marketers. The reason behind this is that it's the first online landing page tool ever.

Talking about its functionality, Unbounce offers a no-code page builder which means you don't need to work with a developer to build a website. You can use a template or pick out one from their pre-built templates.

Further, there is an option of a drag and drop editor which allows you to edit CSS and HTML straight way or add custom JavaScript. The mobile editor and desktop editor are presented with clarity, which ensures that these pages are truly mobile optimized. It is a  landing page tool with native A/B testing functionality along with pop-up tools.

With these features, the conversion rates will be increased throughout the landing page and your website.

Some key features of this tool are Analytics, WordPress integration, AMP mobile pages, adding custom pixels and scripts. There is an option to add maps and SEM campaigns. You can also insert a dynamic keyword.

There are more than 100 templates to choose from.

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3. Landly

LandlyLandly is a simple and easy landing page optimization tool. You will find shiny and responsive UI components with Landly. Also, it is easy to share them with websites and combine different services like Stripe, Google Analytics, and Intercom without coding.

Further, it lets you update with the new leads and forms. It includes several built-in Pulse-supported beautiful images, video streaming, and undrawn images. Besides, you can make use of beautiful icons from the social icon, coloured and built-in abstract packs.

Now, if we talk about its loading speed, then it is superfast because of its lightweight as it is served by a powerful Landly Engine.

Some key features of this tool are Google Analytics, Pop-ups, Custom Domain, Pre-built templates and Form Integration.

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4. InstantPage

instant-pageThis tool is particularly designed to build landing pages for one-page websites. By using InstantPage, it takes only a moment to create and set up a website.

This tool is also used to create your website, from contact forms to colours. Besides, it also gives hosting services.

With its automatic dashboard, you can adapt the feel and look of your website as you want. You can even customise the colours and arrangements of a landing page.

This landing page tool offers apps where you can add your contacts. Its outstanding features are Data Quantification, Heatmaps, A/B testing, and Domain Integration.

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5. LeadPages

Leadpages-Website-Landing-Page-Software-Small-BusinessesAnother landing page builder tool that you can use for your business is LeadPages. As the name suggests, it works particularly for capturing the leads. With this tool, you can create attractive campaigns to capture leads and combine and convert them through digital marketing tools. 

It also provides A/B testing by which you can see which page version generates more leads and offer you the best results. You can keep those pages that work best for you and eliminate the remaining ones.

Due to its huge collection of pre-built templates, LeadPages makes itself a unique tool. 

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6. Hotjar

Hotjar-Website-Heatmaps-Behavior-Analytics-ToolsHotjar is a great landing page developer that plans out how the users interact with the landing page elements of your website. This tool can also be used for surveys on the landing page.

For the landing page of your website, you can create forms for customer feedback that will assist you in carrying out decisions about your services and products. 

It provides an A/B testing service and also has an Analyzer tool that gives you tips on how to optimize landing pages that help in increasing the conversion rate. 

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7. Optimizely

Unlock-digital-potential-OptimizelyThis tool is designed to give you a complete set of digital experience optimization technologies, multivariate testing, A/B testing, server-side testing, AI-powered personalization, and experimentation.

Its outstanding features are the recommendation of products, segmentation with customer profiles, and cart abandonment messages. Check it out.

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8. Popupsmart

Simple-Popup-Builder-That-Boosts-Sales-PopupsmartSince the major goal of landing pages is lead generation, Popupsmart is a smart tool to help perform. It is a no-code pop-up builder tool that allows website owners to collect email leads, and increase sales and engagement with opt-in forms, pop-ups, and sticky bars.

Though other landing page builder tools also let you build pop-ups, they have many limitations. So you can use this tool which has a sharp focus on lead generation.

The key features are mobile responsive, geo-location, exit-intent, and URL browsing

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9. CrazyEgg

Crazy-Egg-Website-Optimization-Heatmaps-A-B-TestingCrazyEgg is another optimization tool created to examine user response, analyse buyer's journeys, find audience segments across web pages, and identify issues.

The administrators of this tool can set up particular aims to test web pages.

It works best for small businesses, e-commerce companies, digital agencies, and marketing companies. 

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10. Five Second Test

Five-Second-TestGenerally, visitors eagerly search for what they are looking for, and they put too much thought into it. If they do not find anything useful on your website, they simply go for your competitors.

So, it is necessary to make your proposal clear and convincing enough to convert them. And, Five Second Test tool is created for that very purpose.

This tool helps you get actual feedback from random users, in order to know whether they can identify what your landing page is about within a few seconds. 

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11. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

VWO-1-A-B-Testing-Tool-in-the-WorldFor beginners, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is one of the best landing page optimization tools that work the same as Optimizely.

When you create the account on this tool, you will have to set your optimization goal. The primary goal of this platform is to help you with the test experimentations on your website without the requirement of IT, know what users want, and bring back lost visitors.

Features include A/B testing, Multivariate testing, Cross-domain testing, and Split URL testing

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12. FullStory

Build-a-More-Perfect-Digital-Experience-FullStoryFullStory is another optimization tool that has some of the same attributes as Hotjar. Though it has a small set of features, it is a powerful tool.

The main focus of this tool is to provide great digital experience data about your website users. It offers an easy setup of the form analytics. Besides, this platform provides a wide range of integration options that can increase the richness of your reports.

This landing page optimization tool is excellent for tracking, knowing user behaviour and where they are lost on the conversion funnel, and growing your landing pages around the reports. You can use it to track bugs and errors as well.

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13. OptinMonster

OptinMonster-Most-Powerful-Lead-Generation-Software-for-MarketersIf you want to improve your conversions, grow your email marketing list, or reduce cart abandonment, then OptinMonster is the best pick for you. It is a powerful tool that can assist you to create an email list with an effective opt-in form and also connects you with the leading email marketing services. 

This tool is good for all types of small businesses, marketing agencies, bloggers, and eCommerce websites.

The lead generation feature of this tool works excellently and provides platform to eCommerce and websites. Furthermore, it assists you to unite multiple email marketing services.

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14. EngageBay

All-in-One-CRM-Marketing-Sales-Support-Software-EngageBayEngageBay is a digital marketing software that also provides a landing page tool. By using the drag-and-drop editor or an existing template from its own template library, you can easily create a landing page.

You can customise your chosen template or can also use codes to create a template according to your design. Further, you can easily test the performance of all the elements of your landing pages. It is a mobile-responsive tool and also offers a built-in A/B testing tool.

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15. GetResponse

GetResponse-Get-Started-with-a-Free-Marketing-PlatformGetResponse is one of the best landing page optimization tools which is popular for webinar solutions and email marketing. It allows you to create attractive landing pages for the websites which can get a high conversion rate.

Most of the features provided by GetResponse are easily combined with several platforms that you may be using already like WordPress, Shopify, and Salesforce. 

Its drag and drop editor and customizable designs made email creation and marketing easier. To optimise your website, it sends emails that are based on segments, sequences, and triggers with important data. 

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Thanks for checking out the top 15 landing page builder and optimization tools which I have listed above. We hope this article will help you to choose the ideal landing page tool that meets your requirement and increase conversion rates and profitability for your upcoming digital campaigns.

Let us know which one of the landing page optimization tool do you prefer in the comments section below.

You can also reach out to us for troubleshooting any particular problem that you may come across.

Talk soon 🖖

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