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CMS Hub Starter plan announced: Why it's best for small businesses?

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The much expected CMS Hub Starter plan was announced by HubSpot yesterday. For now, there were two plans of CMS Hub costing $300 and $900 per month. But now my favorite CMS for businesses gets more affordable and I'll explain why it's best choice for small businesses.

CMS Hub Starter Plan

The affordable plan for HubSpot CMS was expected to be announced this year but I was expecting them to price it at least $50 a month. At $25 a month, there is no straight alternate to what all being offered in the package. To make it even better, there is no annual commitment as you can simply pay for each month, which is the case with Professional and Enterprise plans.

Other than the launch of the affordable $25 per month Starter plan for CMS Hub, there is another change done by HubSpot. The pricing for Professional and Enterprise plans have been increased.


The Professional plan was earlier available for $300 per month which is now increased to $400 per month. While the Enterprise plan was earlier available for $900 per month which is now increased to $1200 per month.

Why CMS Hub Starter is a good choice?

To be honest, running a website requires a lot of tasks and each have an associated cost. You need to look for professional web hosting which don't go down as your business scale and keeps things secure. Then you need to invest in CMS learning and hire professional developers. There are other elements like SSL, CDN which is a must for a business website in 2021.

All these elements are handled by HubSpot team when you move your website to CMS Hub. They take care of hosting, security, CDN, SSL and offers their complete suite of CMS software to quickly build the website and manage it with or without a developer.

The Starter plan limits business owners to have up to 15 website pages published at a time but to be honest, it's all a small business website needs. You've no limits on the blog part where you can have unlimited blog posts to help your content marketing strategies.

You can learn more on why HubSpot CMS is best for business website than any other CMS or custom solution. I've already written a detailed article on the same.

CRM Suite Bundle includes CMS Hub Starter

crm suite cms hub bundle package

The CRM Suite Bundle which starts from $50 per month (but with annual commitment) also includes the CMS Hub Starter plan. In this bundle, you get Marketing Hub Starter with 1000 marketing contacts, Sales and Service Hub Starter with 2 paid users and Operations Hub Starter.

Over to You

What do you think of CMS Hub now? If you're wondering on how to start building the website or whether or not you'll find professional developers for the assistance, then look no further as we cover everything about HubSpot CMS.

You can quickly build premium looking website all by yourself using our premium HubSpot themes and outsource all your day to day tasks using our managed HubSpot CMS plan. If your website is already up on a different platform, we can also help you migrate to HubSpot CMS.

Talk soon !

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