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5 Reasons Why HubSpot CMS is Best for Business Websites

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Whether you compare HubSpot CMS based website to WordPress or a custom solution, the advantages are clear and solid. HubSpot CMS is best for business websites and here are top five reasons based on my decade long experience of building websites on multiple platforms.

I'm not writing all this because of my premium HubSpot themes. But the CMS Hub benefits are obvious, and once you go through them, you'll know that these benefits are based on practical facts. The only case you'll not agree with is that you haven't managed a business website or you're managing a personal website that doesn't require much care and resources.

Why HubSpot CMS is Best for Business Websites?

Without further ado, let me begin answering why HubSpot CMS is best for business websites.

#1 Platform Security

WordPress being open-source and a custom solution being totally dependent on the developer's skillset, the platform security is always a challenge. Thankfully, that's not the case with CMS Hub as the team managing the security of HubSpot website and rest of the platform, is taking care of the security of your website too.

why hubspot cms is best for business- security

The platform updates are rolled out by the team behind and you don't have to worry about pushing those updates manually. So, there is no need to worry about CMS core and plugin updates with CMS Hub!

#2 Backup

With growing cyber threats and attacks, keeping backup of a website is of great importance. While in case of WordPress or custom solution, you need to rely on premium backup tools like Acronis or the backup solution with hosting provider, CMS Hub takes care of this crucial part on its own.

hubspot cms benefits backup

In fact, there is no button for you to click and setup backup functionality for your website. It's all taken care by the platform itself and there is literally no need for you to worry about taking backups and storing them.

#3 Premium Hosting, CDN and SSL

This is another big part of the puzzle which is being sorted by HubSpot. You don't have to worry about web hosting, its setup, billing, or anything. All this is taken care by HubSpot engineers and is part of the CMS Hub plan. Includes guaranteed 99.99% uptime with dedicated support team to answer all your questions.

cms hub benefits hosting cdn ssl

You even get a pre-configured CDN ensuring your website's performance stays top-notch across the globe. If in case you wish to use your own CDN, then you can upgrade to CMS Hub Enterprise plan and the platform will allow you to do so.

SSL part is also taken care as HubSpot issues a standard SSL certificate with all CMS Hub plans. In case you wish to use your custom one, the feature is available for CMS Hub Enterprise plan.

#4 Built-in Integration with CRM

In the age of Google and Apple moving away from the traditional cookie based tracking, it's high time for a business website to start learning deeper tracking mechanisms. CMS Hub based website can help you win in future and stay ahead of your competition with its built-in integration with HubSpot CRM.

cms hub crm integration

Any of your prospect's actions (visit, download, CTR, etc.) on your website pages are recorded and populated in their contact profile. You can set up triggers based on such activity and send an email or arrange a call and do much more with this whole new level of data.

Setting all these integration and tracking is tough in the case of a custom or WordPress based website. In the case of CMS Hub, you're getting it all ready to use.

#5 Built-in SEO Tool

You don't need to install any SEO plugin or rely upon third-party meta description testing tools. With built-in SEO tool into the CMS Hub, you can quickly add meta tags to the pages and blog posts and they will be optimised for SEO.

cms hub seo plugin

This might not sound like a huge benefit to you but trust me, the fact that you don't have to rely on a third-party solution is really going to benefit the security area of your website. Also, it's one less thing to worry about.


These were the top five benefits which makes CMS Hub an ideal choice to develop your business website on. If you're still not sure, get in touch and I'll do a one-to-one call sharing how HubSpot CMS can benefit your business. I can quickly set up your website on the new platform with our HubSpot CMS migration and custom HubSpot web development services.

Talk soon! 

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