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How to Exclude Internal Traffic from HubSpot Analytics?

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Before you start including website traffic in your quarterly or annual business report and claim those growing numbers, you should make sure that the report doesn't includes your internal traffic.

Unless, you've excluded internal traffic from HubSpot analytics, your internal visits are adding up to those growing numbers.

In order to make sure you don't launch a new marketing/sales campaign based on the traffic numbers including internal team visits, you need to learn how to exclude internal traffic from HubSpot analytics.

Exclude Internal Traffic from HubSpot Analytics

The process is fairly simple and will take just 2 minutes of your time, considering you know your way around HubSpot CMS. Do note that following this process will also exclude internal form submissions.

Step 1: Login to your HubSpot CMS account and click on the gear icon located on top right corner which takes you to Settings area.

Exclude Internal Traffic from HubSpot Analytics1

Step 2: Navigate to Tracking & Analytics section on the left bar and click on Tracking code option.

Exclude Internal Traffic from HubSpot Analytics2

Step 3: Now move into the Advanced Tracking column.

Exclude Traffic from HubSpot Analytics3

Step 4: Scroll down a bit and enable the toggle in front of Bot filtering row.


Step 5: Just under the Bot filtering option, you'll see a placeholder to input all the IPs from which you don't want HubSpot to count the visits. It's time to Slack your IT department or simply Google to know your IP address. Input the IP address in the placeholder and hit the Save button.

Exclude Referral Traffic from HubSpot Analytics5

Note: In case you're adding multiple IP addresses, make sure you separate them with comma (,).

If you wish to exclude traffic from a particular domain, you can put in the root domain of that referrer and HubSpot will take care of the same.

All done!

What all HubSpot Analytics report will this impact?

Following the process mentioned above to exclude internal visits from analytics within HubSpot will impact views and click reports prepared in following areas.

  • Page views
  • CTA
  • Clicked events
  • Social post clicks
  • Form submissions

Over to you

I hope this tutorial wasn't too technical for you to follow. In case you're facing any issues, feel free to comment below or reach out to our Live Chat support.

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