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Quick Win Link Building Opportunities for Business Websites

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Building links to rank your product/service pages on Google is important but, it's easy to get confused because of all kinds of opinions available over the internet. Attracting high-quality backlinks is not an easy task but, here is something that can help you.

I'm sharing quick win link building opportunities for business websites that are of mid-to-high quality. Just to be clear, I haven't just re-written this article based on other articles on the internet but, it's all coming straight from my decades-long SEO experience. Here is my LinkedIn profile if you wish to check.

Quick Win Link Building Opportunities for Business Websites

By quick win, I mean these are easy to reach out and quick to win links and they are going to help your business websites. You can also repeat the same for an ecommerce store.

#1 Review platforms

There are platforms for collecting customer reviews like Trustpilot, Clutch, G2, TrustRadius, etc. You can start creating your business profile on them one by one, and try to get at least, 5 to 10 reviews on each.

Link Building for Business Websites - reviews

Other than getting customer reviews which helps the online reputation of your business, these platforms will also point one link to your business website. Just keep an eye on the negative reviews these platforms might attract.

#2 Business directories

Before you leave this page thinking links from all business directories are spammy, just hear me out. Links from Crunchbase and similar directory websites are not spammy unless your business isn't real.

So, trust me and create your business profile on platforms like Crunchbase and you will quickly win back a link. Just make sure you don't overdo this business directory method and create profiles on spammy directories. You'll know the spammy ones when you'll see one.

#3 Web 2.0 profiles

Platforms like Medium, WordPress, Tumblr are considered as Web 2.0 platforms and there is an opportunity for your business website to get backlinks from these.

Link Building for Websites - web 2.0

You can simply create a profile and publish a couple of quality content on topics related to your product or service. Just make sure you don't put spammy or poor quality content to attract those free links.

#4 Social profiles

High chance, you might have already done it. Create your business page on social platforms like LinkedIn (create the page, not profile), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, to name a few. From all these platforms, your business profile will have a link back to your website.

#5 Community forums

Unless you're starting a never-heard-of business, you'll easily find community forums around services or products your business offers. Those platforms will have end-users questions and problems and here is your chance to shine.

Link Building for Business Websites - forums

You can write blog posts around frequently asked questions and answer the questions on those forums with a link back to your particular blog post. Just make sure your answers are sorting the user's problem otherwise, you might create a bad reputation for your business.

#6 Testimonials

It's not an easy opportunity for a new business but, it's easy for an established one. Make a list of digital tools your team is using and reach out to those digital tool businesses. Tell them you're interested in writing a detailed review/feedback of their product and how your team is using it to grow your business.

If everything goes as planned, you'll end up getting a testimonial link from their websites. Once you taste the success, you can repeat the same with other tools/service providers.

#7 Coupon platforms

Create a coupon that offers a discount on your product or service fee and reach out to the coupon websites out there. A simple Google search will list out the coupon sharing platforms. Many of these will have an online interface for you to create your business profile and submit the coupon instantly. Others might have a manual submission and review process.

Link Building for Websites - coupon

Once you win the opportunity, your business website will get a link back from those reputed coupon platforms. It can also increase your product/service sales as consumers are always looking for discount codes.

Over to You

This is all from my side on this topic and I hope you learn something new today. If you're having short on resources to take care of these SEO and other day to day tasks, check out our HubSpot CMS management service.

Just in case, if you're planning to re-do your complete business website on brand new HubSpot CMS and wish to save up to $10k, you should definitely check out our HubSpot approved premium HubSpot themes.

Talk soon! 

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