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How to Merge Cells in Excel Effortlessly

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In this blogpost, I'll cover all the possible and easy methods to merge cells in Excel. Understanding the intricacies of Excel is critical for organising data, comprehending analytics, and obtaining the most out of your advertising strategies. The software is excellent for swiftly analyzing large quantities of data, but it can be daunting if you do not devote the most of your job putting together worksheets.

However, you only want a few fundamental skills to create a simple spreadsheet. Learning how to combine cells in Excel is one example. Even if you're planning blog posts for the following quarter, building a mailing list for a focused promotion, or producing Google advertising report, combining cells is a useful method to arrange your data and knowing how to merge cells in excel can be extremely helpful for any purpose. 

How To Combine Cells In Excel

Combining is a process that combines two tiny cells into a single big cell. This helps organize information in order to create headers without having to modify individual cells. And here is how to go about it: 

Step 1: Here you need to highlight adjacent cells that you wish to merge ( here we have merged A1 and B1 in the figure below ).

How To Combine Cells In Excel Step 1

Step 2: Now you will notice the Home tab where you need to find the ‘Merge’ icon and then tap on ‘merge cells’. 

How To Combine Cells In Excel Step 2

Step 3: Nothing else, that's it! The cells are all merged.

How To Combine Cells In Excel Step 3

Note: Only the data in the upper-left cell is preserved when cells are combined. Ensure that the information from another cell is saved so that it is not erased. If you have data in both A1 and B1, Excel will not just delete it. This pop-up window will be displayed right away. Now you very well know how to merge cells in excel

Don't want to get rid of the data? Before merging, click 'Cancel,' and copy/paste the content into a new document or cell. Tap 'OK' to combine the cells if you just require the information in the upper-left cell.

How To Merge Cells In Excel and Center

Take, for example, you are working on making a marketing report and you want all your titles to be in the Center and all above your main data. This is how you are supposed to merge cells in Excel and Center cells by following the steps given below: 

Step 1: First you need to highlight the cells that you wish to merge. 

Merge And Center Cells In Excel Step 1

Step 2: Now you need to find the Home tab and then tap on the merge icon and then select the option ‘Merge & Center’. 

Merge And Center Cells In Excel Step 2

Step 3: After you have done it, you will notice that your data has been placed in the Center and the cells have also been merged completely. 

Merge And Center Cells In Excel Step 3

Easy, right?

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How To Merge Two Cells In Excel 

Now that you know the basics of doing this merge and combine, but you wish to become more creative and know more details on how to merge more than two cells upper-left. This procedure is also pretty smooth if you follow all the steps very carefully and patiently.

Firstly this entire creativity on how to merge cells in excel will be depending on the spreadsheet layout that you choose to merge because it can be merged across, merge cells or any merge and Center function. 

#1 Merge Across

To combine cells inside a single row, use this option. 'Merge Across' cannot be used to merge cells inside a column or across several rows.

In this case, I'm creating PPC advertisements and would like to see the description content in row 8. If you just resize column F, there will be too much space between columns F and G in the given table. Merging several cells over row 8 allows you to view the copy while keeping the table tidy.

Step 1: First select and highlight the cells that you wish to merge within the row itself. 

Merge Two Cells In Excel Step 1

Step 2: Now you need to tap on the ‘merge’ icon present in the home tab and then select the ‘merge across’ option. 

Merge Two Cells In Excel Step 2

Step 3: Now you will notice that the cells have already merged in the entire area which you highlighted. 

Merge Two Cells In Excel Step 3

#2 Merge and Center

Multiple cells can be merged and centred across rows and columns. Just keep in mind that the data in the upper-left cell is the sole information that will remain after the merging.

#3 Merge Cells

To merge several neighbouring cells throughout rows and columns, use the 'Merge Cells' function. It functions similarly to the 'Merge & Center' procedure, except that the data is left-aligned rather than centred after combining.

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How To Merge Cells in Excel With Data

Do you want to merge cells in excel while avoiding any kind of data loss from all but the upper left cell? Simple. To merge data from two or more cells, use the ampersand (&) or the CONCATENATE method.

In the following example, there is this writing text for Instagram and would like to integrate the description with its relevant link.

By using Ampersand:

Step 1: First you need to select the cell where you wish to put up the entire merged data. For that make sure that it is separate from the cells that you plan to merge. 

Step 2: Next Type= in the blank cell and then select the first cell to combine or merge it. 

Step 3: After that Type & use “ “ to leave some space between the two cell data. 

Step 4: Next Type & again and before you choose the next cell. You should just repeat the entire procedure for all the cells that you wish to merge. 

Step 5: Press Enter. And you will notice that your selected cells have already been merged. 


Another method for combining two or more text strings is to use the CONCATENATE function (or CONCAT).

In Excel, the formula is =CONCATENATE (text1,text2,...). Text1 is the first cell to merge and might include text, a number, or a cell reference. Text2 is the next component to join the group. You can combine up to 255 items or 8,192 characters with this function.

Step 1: First select and highlight the blank cell where you wish to merge your data. 

Step 2: Now for the formula, you need to type =CONCATENATE( 

Step 3: Right after it, there will be a formula window pop-up on your screen with three options to choose from: Text1, Text2 and so much more. You just need to select the cells you wish to merge in ascending order. To also include the spaces between the cell data, you should also include this formula,” “, inside the formula. 

Step 4: Just press the Enter button and you will notice the data getting combined. 

Easy, right?


If your formula or layout isn't put up correctly, a bunch of things can go wrong. If you're having difficulties merging cells, try these troubleshooting methods. Check that you are not currently modifying a cell that you want to combine.

If you're in the process of creating modifications, the 'Merge' symbol will be blacked out. To correct this, just press 'Enter' to quit editing or click on another cell before returning to the cell you want to combine. 

Examine each cell to see if it is a part of an Excel table. Tables have a distinct format that does not allow for merging. If the 'Chart Designs' or 'Layout' tabs from across the top of your worksheet are displayed in green and the 'Merge' button is blacked out, you're on a Table. Examine the Excel workbook's interaction with other users. You won't be able to edit or combine cells if it isn't shared with you instead is secured.

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