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Why is HubSpot CMS the Best for Real Estate Business?

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Do you own a real estate business but are not sure which CMS is best for your real estate website? Or getting a new website build but cannot decide which Content Management System will work best for you? If these are the questions bothering you then this blog will help you make a rational decision.

Contrary to popular belief, most real estate buyers search online before making a purchase. According to this real estate agent’s source, 43% of the buyers look up the internet before contacting a real estate agent. Interestingly, only 3% of the buyers never searched the internet which means the real estate websites have tremendous opportunities to convert these visitors into customers. Additionally, the average time to make a purchase decision is eight weeks. Therefore, the websites must act fast and act smart to convert the leads.

Why HubSpot is Best for Real Estate Business?

Before you read along to know why CMS Hub is a better choice for a Real Estate business website, I’d recommend you to check all these real estate websites developed on CMS Hub.


The prime goal of any business is generating revenue and scaling the business. But, most of the time the business websites are confined as a visiting card only rather than working as a money-making tool. HubSpot CMS is built to simplify the complexities of designing, developing, and coding. Let’s check various factors that make HubSpot CMS best for real estate businesses:

#1 Easier to use

The best feature of HubSpot CMS is its simplicity to use. While most other CMSs are complex in usage and need expert-level technical knowledge, HubSpot CMS is a low code CMS that allows anyone with limited technical skills to use and manage the website.

HubSpot regularly updates the HubSpot Academy where one can watch the videos and learn about managing the website from scratch. We all know that the real estate business is dynamic in nature. The functional website must be easy to handle and edit according to the latest marketing strategies.

HubSpot CMS decreases the dependency on skilled employees allowing the marketing managers to edit, change and manage the website efficiently.

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#2 Integrated Tools

Tired of handling multiple tasks, windows, and sheets? The integrated platform allows the users to manage all the functions in one place. Right from designing, and developing content to changing themes, managing the leads & creating forms or CTAs one can easily manage the content and components of the website from the control panel.

Additionally, HubSpot CMS is bundled with many inbuilt plugins so that users can use the functionality easily and safely. It is much easier for the managers of real estate companies to supervise various departments from the HubSpot CMS panel. 

#3 Grow with SEO

HubSpot gives suggestions based on best SEO practices at the time of developing content only. This gives the users the freedom from downloading third-party apps for SEO optimizations. Additionally, the inbuilt plugins are secured by the HubSpot thus you don’t have to worry about the security of your website.

Additionally, the responsive designs on HubSpot CMS are optimized automatically for all the devices like mobile, desktops, and tablets. Imagine how much time and resources you can save using this feature and focus on the marketing of your real estate website and business effectively.

#4 Inbuilt Backup System

You do not have to worry about the loss of data while using the HubSpot CMS. Each of your designs are saved automatically by the inbuilt backup system.

Using this feature will help you to test a digital marketing strategy while keeping the previous ones saved. You can restore any of the previous pages in just one click. 

#5 Secure and Scalable Hosting

HubSpot CMS is built for scalability. While the users have to pay for the hosting charges separately in most CMSs, charges for hosting are inclusive on HubSpot CMS. Globally distributed built-in CDN provided by Cloudflare ensures the website is secure.

The CMS claims 99.99% uptime which is pretty amazing. Additionally, you don't have to pay extra once your real estate website scales up. Websites using HubSpot CMS function smoothly with any given number of visitors per day.

#6 Built-in CRM for Lead Management

The built-in CRM for lead management by HubSpot is one of the best with easy-to-use features. All the leads are stored in the database and could efficiently be managed by the marketer.

#7 Built-in Automation

Reduce the workload using the built-in automation tools by HubSpot CMS. HubSpot lets you create workflows and email campaigns using thousands of templates without much hassle of coding. Imagine creating workflows for the team so that when a contact gets a specific email based on the inquiry. At the same time, the team is notified of the query and the action.

Apart from the above, the users can always test their content strategies using HubSpot CMS analytics tools that show the performance of the website. These features make HubSpot CMS ideal for a real estate business. Reach out to us if you have any questions or queries about HubSpot development or HubSpot migration.

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